Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mansel: Moliere, Said The Wolf


breeding behavior
embodied, in the closing
cathedral, commentary
diffident, gothic and flame shaped
(loner in the facade)

paraphernalia, illustrated brotherhood
anatomical definition (reading / down hearing)
Darwin's long argument

sharpness of oblivion/ exegesis
casual environmental floor
genuine-rigor/ construed
descriptive irony/ surgical soap
autobiography/ barbarism/ exhumation
anomalous/ graffitti to nomad
innumerable possessor
evolution of night/ postulate

sensitivity/ salient depth
originated/ worms/ readers
variation/ veneration
ancestral/ conspecifics
creationist/ bare premise
orchids/ adaptation/ unconsciously
castrated animals/ hybrid
thickness of the variation
strigent/ denial/ elaborated
reptiles of full seperation/ edition

deterioration/ striking/ struggling
anti-biotic reasonings (chalk steak)/ omnivore
breeders/ blue smoke/ origin of the species
intending and perceived/ without design

I am very much the matter, manifest a consolatory difficulty,
species whose edition is substituting breath for stability...

Confucius in a garden with a bird in his teeth
his eyelids reflecting the sun
a harvest of still fresh earth
(a photo of Diane di Prima)
both a child's world
hedonist and piercing
the nature of the immigrant skeleton
is a dark version, blood dipped
(raped) (the assertion being ritual)

our seasons discover/conceived/snow drying/dying/King Lear/monologues

regarding composition/ obsession/ communal
the madness that is anthologized
fetal narrative/ illustration/ reflection
Oedipus/ irriational savage/ exhaustive
totem/ sonnets/ Aquinas in the face of aggression
inward death/ literature encased in cement/ Buddha
mythology/ cruel/ ordinary/ neverthless
a decapitated horse/ falling lion/ juxtaposed
Yahweh/ sound covered in veils/ sunlight

- Chris Mansel


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