Thursday, January 08, 2009

Re: Gaza & the Silence of Obama‏

[Note: "The Gaza Assault: Last Ploy of the Neocons" by Jack Random was posted 1/8/09 on Peace-Earth-Justice ( and the National Free Press - World Edition.]

Thanks for all the recent articles. Sorry I have been unable to respond or even say thanks for the time and effort you put into each one, not to mention the wide array of insights and provocations that we behave as rational,compassionate creatures.

Now that we have finished the election (well, almost) and the settling of debris that follows each one, we can begin to see through the haze. The neocons obviously fear that an Obama administration will be fundamentally different in both foreign and domestic policy. The bailout was/is nothing more than paying the bills to the real masters of the game. Israel's sudden turn to all out war is an attempt to settle the score in Gaza just in case they lose U.S. support once the neocons leave office.

You are right. This is bait. Will Obama toe the line and support Israel unconditionally? Nothing he says right now can change Israel's assault so he is saying nothing. If he is nothing else Obama is careful when speaking officially about policy of any kind. He will be difficult to pin down.

I also remember the the last time this same group of thugs were departing the White House and a hopeful young man was moving in. They left impending disasters in Somalia and Waco. Even then one could not help but wonder if it was a set up. If it was Clinton fell for it and botched both situations. We are still suffering the consequences.

Neoconservatism is not a nationalism, even though that is precisely what it pretends to be under the name of patriotism. The neocons are capitalists first. They are a perfect fit for a Republican party that has been the party of big capital virtually from the start. After Jackson the country had swung hard in the direction of democracy (at least for qualified citizens - white men). Republicanism was in part an attempt to correct that shift and place power securely in the hands of the wealthy. That is what it is today and it is what neoconservatism attempts to enforce globally.

Will Obama make some adjustment in the other direction? He has the opportunity since at the moment capitalism is choking on its own excess. There's nothing but hard road ahead of him. We must wait and see.

Twelve days. How much more damage can be done. I am sure we're about to find out.

Take care brother. Keep us awake.


Jake Berry (

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Beatlick Travel Report #4: Highway 9 & The Border Patrol

It took a while to really hit the open road. We left Albuquerque to return to Las Cruces for our house sitting gig. Then one more tune up from Michael Elliott, our VW mechanic in Organ, before he gave us his blessing to head for California.

So Saturday we stopped off to share a meal and say goodbye to Mary E, Phillips, my peace activist sister-at-arms, then topped off our tank at $1.22 a gallon, up from $1.16 just three days before, and off we went.

There was no transition from all the hurly-burly of last minute details to our first destination hardly. We pulled out of town and within the hour there we were at Exit #49 off of I-10 and onto Highway 146. Bam, we were there, the black ribbon of a two-lane road, a complete circumference of mountain ridges all around us. It was almost too sudden. The sun was setting, the temperature was perfect, and after all this planning we were living our fantasy.

We turned onto Highway 9 and went a few miles past Hachita. There we camped and walked into the old ghost town of Old Hachita. We spent about four hours walking about. Beatlick Joe snatched his binoculars from his back pocket to survey the landscape. He looked in every mine shaft, every abandoned adobe structure, hop, skip, and jumping all over the place. He has planned this particular ghost town search for over two years.

So we encountered our first Border Patrol guard at the first juncture of our trip. We were in such a remote area on Highway 9, on the other side of a fence, and during the night a huge Hummer Border Patrol vehicle past us about 9 p.m. They were all over this place, some pulling a trailer with four-wheelers behind them.

There was a border patrolman in Old Hachita, out there in that lonely stretch. We stopped to chat. I had some trepidation about what kind of person he would be, stern perhaps, and authoritarian. But he turned out to be friendly, with a kind face, and young looking. He said he stays out there 10 hours a day, all alone. I asked if he could read books but he said no. Guess he is supposed to keep his eyes open. But he can listen to football games on the radio. I told him it looked like a lonely existence, but he just shrugged and gave us a smile. So our first encounter with the border patrol went well enough.

We stayed out there two days, getting more acquainted with the van, where to best store everything and all. We had anticipated a leisurely breakfast enjoying our little table and chairs outside, but we woke up to snow on the ground. We packed up fast and headed for Douglas, AZ. We put a towel across the passenger and drivers seat and placed the little stadium heater between us. Finally, we got warm.

Happy Trails
Beatlick Pamela

Monday, January 05, 2009

Three Poems by Chris Mansel


Bare Outline

Bi-polar Anti-psychotic
existing in poverty
ability baptized in a manic state
(it reverberates in the ears) epileptic, a downward spiral,
like holy orders, piety
vigorous, mutilation, constraint

ah, the dialogue of a primitive
whose horror is immersion
a mosque so laminated
as to catalog the shakes and screams
the embroidered eyes of dreams

savage is the water in the abyss
adultery schemes for eternity
descending the skin by petal
communion by physical means

Zarathustra as a tarantula
hanging over a hospital bed.


Death Disliked Changed

the crime was violent - rough violets/ apocryphal
and often became ill - eating humanity/ execution
delirium, improbable that - nature desires/ illumination
the dead - ancient outside of the following scene/ snakes
were so spontaneous- cancer conscious/ adept
were torn to pieces-curtain of bats/ readings
ailments with the deceased- touch belief/ earth

a hunter where ideas, even death theory, nature
of our moon, no more giants as still as an eye

help him who he was...
a woman, afraid/ lion/Rousseau
produce/without exception
reducing, practiced/birds
pressure/reaches purpose

a flower in a fire, devourers....


Bush Shelter

a graying image (menacing like crows)
switching perennially (distraught, grisly)
of a sequential humid ligament
becomes the follicles arbiter
a natural impedance (village wisdom)
for skunk-like wasps splattering
submerged alibis (produce blackened)
slit through the pupil/ effects more stiffening
a curriculum vitae.

chris mansel (