Friday, November 11, 2005

Last Words: The Silence of Chris Mansel

The Leviathan Who Fought On His Knees

(for Bob Kincaid)

Ok, they have me now, they have worn me down and tied me to the post and hurled their lies and betrayals, perjuries and their lawbreaking has got me down.... How can anyone in some resemblance of thought watch Scott McClellan and believe anything he says? How can anyone watch our president utter anything at all and watch him quiver, slither his own brand of ka ka and not be flabbergasted? If anyone can honestly say they believe in this administration, avoid them because they may have the bird flu you have heard so much about.

Mine eyes have seen the coming of the fall of the house of Bush. They'll be throwing bodies out the window as the car careens out of control until the election of 2008. I predict sooner rather than later the Saudi Royal family will summon Bush to their creepy lair and scold him for his actions. Called on the carpet though they be on the walls, Georgie Boy will hold hands and stagger cocaine bunches up under his lips and call for a moratorium on cannibals in the U.N. He'll trace the family tree of Dick Cheney back to the original declaration of independence first composed on the Mayflower in blood from a Haitian slave.

Condi Rice will appear in a sex tape with several volleyball players with sand still in their toes. She'll be seen in the fetal position humping a statue of Ronald Reagan and screaming about the troops overlooking Little Big Horn.

Scooter Libby will consult and be visited by G. Gordon Libby and develop contacts in the prison drug trade and be tattooed by the Aryan gangs. Upon release he will start a foundation to study the possibility of promoting commercial prison retreats for the wealthy.

The body of William McNamara upon his death will burst into flames and a million North Vietnamese will run out and devour the body of Henry Kissinger asleep in the front row of the memorial service.

- Chris Mansel

[Editor's Note: The rare and passionate voice of Chris Mansel falls silent this week as he announces the cessation of the Mansel Report. He has answered a greater call in relocating to the great city of New Orleans as it struggles for its soul. We wish you well, Mr. Mansel, and hope that the muse that silences your voice today will deliver its return when it is most needed. Blessings on your journey and gratitude for your testaments of truth.]

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Bird Flu Menace

The Avian flu is real and growing. Either the government knows something we do not or there is another agenda. It is not the nature of this government to anticipate catastrophe and it is even less inclined to invest billions in preventative measures.

If in fact the motive behind the White House initiative is limited to the probability and potential harm of a pandemic, they would be inclined to go about the business of building massive isolation bunkers for the elite. They would do so quietly while publicly expressing a commitment in the multi millions (not billions) and the world would humbly express gratitude.

Now the world may be wondering (as I am) what this is all about. Seven billion is an expensive show of compassion and it stretches the bounds of credulity to accept it on face value.

After considerable thought, running through various scenarios involving quarantine, martial law and military invasion, I have arrived at what I consider a rational hypothesis:

The administration has run out of reasons for invading nations. America is trusted by fewer and fewer on the planet. There are now precious few places in the world where America's clandestine operations are welcome.

Enter the bird flu: The virus mutates into the feared pandemic strain in Malaysia or Indonesia (the most populous Muslim nation on earth). For the first time, it spreads from human to human and the American military (with local cooperation) lays siege, setting up quarantine zones and military lockdown. A team of covert operators accompanies a small army of medical personel rushed to the disaster area. They operate with impunity, interogating whomever they wish, evacuating neighborhoods, searching private homes, offices, mosques and meeting places, searching through private communications and computer files. The potential payoff in the war on terror is considerable. It might even produce the great illusive one: OBL.

Is it beyond imagining? Absolutely not.

Is it far fetched? Let us hope so.

Is it possible? Yes.

(NOTE: See Dissident Voice 11/5/05 for Jack Random's "The Activist Court & The Neoconservative Agenda.")