Saturday, December 11, 2004


by Jack Random

Our eyes and ears are everywhere
and everywhere the same
the fly on the wall
the creep down the hall
the web is public domain

We're listening on the telephone lines
We're in the hotel suites
We're watching public bathroom stalls
We're everyone you meet

Your Visa tells a thousand stories
Your friends and foes tell more
We know the lies, the quirks, perversions
We know your favorite stores

You watch TV six hours a day
while the TV watches you

It's no big deal there's naught to fear
All the agencies agree:

The right to privacy is overrated
Security is what we need

After all, what have you to hide?

You're safe if you eat your daily meat
and don't lay awake at night

You're safe if you watch Survivors
and safe if you don't take flight

You're safe if you pay your taxes
and return your books on time

You're safe if you live in silence
safe if you don't read or write

Safe if you're sorry we lost the war
safe if you're in the light

You're safe if you laugh at conspiracy
and believe in the party line:

We provide for your security
We serve the nation's cause
and those who tell you otherwise
have violated several laws

Leave a name and number at the beep
Your anonymity is assured

We're only here to assist you
no matter what you've heard


Monday, December 06, 2004


From Beatlicks Joe Speer and Pamela Hirst.

when the pepper spray hits your eyes
when you are sittng peacefully for peace
when the baton cracks your head
when you are lying on a road for peace
when the TASER shocks you electrically
you will know a little of what eye mean
Now-surround yourself with a prison
walls blank and the lights always on
you may not have a blanket
you may feel cold or be hosed down
so you stay wet and shivering
you may be forced into fixed positions
where you cannot move-and if you disobey
be sent to solitary confinement
where the cell is even smaller
and the food portions smaller
and the light always on
or you are left in endless darkness
What is next? at any time,you will be hooded
handcuffed,beaten ,questioned,struck down
and told threats against your life
and the life of those you love
You think this is Russia? China? Cuba?
Yes-Guantenamo Bay-training ground for Abu Ghraib
US Territory torture as trained at Fort Bening
and practised at every US detention center
for at least the past three years
You do not believe? Do not be naive!
At any moment,the Patriot Act empowers arrest
of any who do not display loyalist sentiments...
Who is next?
THOM DEC 6,2004