Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Capricorn One Comes To Pakistan

With the current chaos in Pakistan the world is in an uproar and rightly so. Aid is considered to be cut off in official press releases while you can imagine phone tag being played and jokes being made:

Bush Administration official: “Oh yea, aid is being cut off, we’ll rip off real quick so it’ll only hurt for a minute and then give you another one. (laughs) Hey, by the way, next time you bomb Bhutto, try putting it inside the damn bus will ya?”

CNN ran a slightly offensive infomercial this evening with the same revolving 15 second bit of footage playing over and over with talking heads going on and on… What it all boils down to is the Bush administration, like that of Nixon in the 1960’s, will support and aid any acts of dirty pool or assassination, period. Take that to the bank, Karl Rove or not.

Official press corps were present to capture the arrests and beatings of protesters, well-dressed protesters, and in a country where the phone lines were reportedly down, Internet reports are still getting out along with video and still photography. All that is missing is is an official Fox News banner flying over the crowd and war torn, grizzled Fox security in their khaki vests keeping the truth victimized for us across the border.

- Chris Mansel

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mind of Mansel: 3 4 1

Branch In The Ice Glass Cube

Apprehended and controlled? Never in Washington and certainly not in the guise of a political party. Arrested only happens back in your home state. The only way you are arrested in the district is when you go against, for any other lack of reference, the establishment. The establishment for our point of reference here is not any political party, it’s the machine.

Recounting in black and white works in the movies, but in the quick motion world of soundbites of CNN and the Internet the worst thing you can do is hire an image consultant, approach a reporter who is image conscious, or whose track record you are unaware of. Take a look at the Larry Craig situation.

The Wood Inside The Frame

The diesel was rotten and the stench coming out the back was soft core for the Washington D.C. crowd hanging out around Dupont Circle. Inside the trailer of the truck are computer screens and printers spitting out the eavesdropping information on every politician in the district. The information sits on shelves in Delaware malls while prices are worked out and it’s no short order work. Once a case goes to trial the information can be fed to the grand jury or not based on the level of cash flowing into Delaware.

The inside story has it that the National Review has a twenty-thousand square foot former jewelry store set aside for its own bad seeds that they have been paying on for years, but mind you the shelves go all the way to the ceiling and are a tremendous fire hazard.

Highway markers on the way to Delaware if translated into the trickle down economics of Ronald Reagan will give you a guide to the precise aisle and box to each transgression. For instance, a particular mile marker taken with the name of a local town, the letters taken together and re-arranged under the right frame of mind, not counting the use of acronyms and terminal drug use will give you the answers you need.

Documentary In A Campaign Year

There’s a church on the border
Between the proximity
Of rape and what we voted for
Where hooded holy men
And killers sleep standing up in freezing
Water they swallowed yesterday
Released out at sea, extradition
Rendition, and revolution under a flag
Freedom of speech in a body bag

- Chris Mansel