Tuesday, July 19, 2005

CounterPunch Response: Miller Time

[Note: This is a response to "Miller Time/Pull the Threads" as posted by CounterPunch 7/15/05]

Read your Miller Time ...

I have a feeling that the right is making us go in circles. Too much time is being spent in opposing their lies, which is making us look partisan.

We should shift the focus on to Judith Miller, as in my opinion that is where the real truth lies. Rove seems to be a distraction and is rightly taking the flak at present because nothing really may be proven against him.

If we shift the focus to "Special Plan Office" in the White House operating under the VeePee and the disinformation they generated with "General Judith Miller" etc., in the lead-up to the Iraq fiasco, we will be getting closer to where all this should be leading.

It looks like Libby and Miller had a conversation, which is the root of this. My feeling is that subsequently Miller told Novak about Valerie [Plame] but in the context of being Wilson's wife in the CIA, who so called "engineered" the trip, rather than being a covert agent. Again my gut says both Novak and Rove were ignorant of the covert status, otherwise Novak would not have gone public. Rove is highly disciplined in what he does, thus exposing a covert agent does not really fit into being his modus operandi.

The problem is that Miller has taken on a so-called martyr role and the liberal media has rolled over in her favor. They have to get out of this and realize how she is taking us all for a ride to hide her own "false journalism" and "march beats to war".

I think Miller is the key and the prosecuter "is telling us so" based on whatever he has said or done till now. Cooper/Rove is not in the same category as Miller/VeePee/Rumsfeld in lead up to war. That is the story Americans need to know, and then we can talk treason of the highest order!!!!

-- Allwar Isbad

Monday, July 18, 2005

Mark of The Beast

Unlike the White House propaganda machine, numbers do not lie; rather, they speak for themselves:


What are the odds?