Thursday, January 08, 2009

Re: Gaza & the Silence of Obama‏

[Note: "The Gaza Assault: Last Ploy of the Neocons" by Jack Random was posted 1/8/09 on Peace-Earth-Justice ( and the National Free Press - World Edition.]

Thanks for all the recent articles. Sorry I have been unable to respond or even say thanks for the time and effort you put into each one, not to mention the wide array of insights and provocations that we behave as rational,compassionate creatures.

Now that we have finished the election (well, almost) and the settling of debris that follows each one, we can begin to see through the haze. The neocons obviously fear that an Obama administration will be fundamentally different in both foreign and domestic policy. The bailout was/is nothing more than paying the bills to the real masters of the game. Israel's sudden turn to all out war is an attempt to settle the score in Gaza just in case they lose U.S. support once the neocons leave office.

You are right. This is bait. Will Obama toe the line and support Israel unconditionally? Nothing he says right now can change Israel's assault so he is saying nothing. If he is nothing else Obama is careful when speaking officially about policy of any kind. He will be difficult to pin down.

I also remember the the last time this same group of thugs were departing the White House and a hopeful young man was moving in. They left impending disasters in Somalia and Waco. Even then one could not help but wonder if it was a set up. If it was Clinton fell for it and botched both situations. We are still suffering the consequences.

Neoconservatism is not a nationalism, even though that is precisely what it pretends to be under the name of patriotism. The neocons are capitalists first. They are a perfect fit for a Republican party that has been the party of big capital virtually from the start. After Jackson the country had swung hard in the direction of democracy (at least for qualified citizens - white men). Republicanism was in part an attempt to correct that shift and place power securely in the hands of the wealthy. That is what it is today and it is what neoconservatism attempts to enforce globally.

Will Obama make some adjustment in the other direction? He has the opportunity since at the moment capitalism is choking on its own excess. There's nothing but hard road ahead of him. We must wait and see.

Twelve days. How much more damage can be done. I am sure we're about to find out.

Take care brother. Keep us awake.


Jake Berry (

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