Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mansel: Besudi (to feel, to touch)


soul of a dead person
bringing on the ghost
vertical boat even with the sky
(a wuroke spirit)
shamanic cuisine/ epileptic/ ceremonial
archaic/ pathogenic state
shooting initiate's clear
awake/ back/ bathe
recordings show motionless
possession/ translation
(precarious diagnosis)
ladder make from stag horns
illuminates the body, precincts (motifs)
leave the consecration (heat)
opening fingers at the knuckles
ecstasy/ intoxication/ mushrooms

criminal nectar, himself, guilt of america
succuumb to the dye, pigment multiplicity
downstream/ angry imaging/ simultaneously
Mephistopheles/ dismantling/ laboured
habitat, disassembled/ readings spread
biologically/ restraints are species to species
cell size is based on behaviour
molar variation, manuscript genus
erotic microevolutionary sediment shift
resoluable moments, yage
the species duration is exhibited (tree graveyard)
by a few isolates, Darwin, Oceanic
ethnographic resin, paintings by Nepalese tribes
sacrifices found in meat/ axis mundi
ascent to the underworld/ theory/ thirsty
regions employed to the trees/ storms/ smoke holes
exhaustive/ fauna of the horse/ divinities

beginning with the coyote/ the dead mother (their language)
paradisal, bleating like a lamb/ a seance over covered fire
animal language/ terrible messengers/ herbs/ seven days
serpent effigies/ reddened feathers/ mud murals

poisonous arachnids

experimental assaults

wither catharsis, the sin of despair, habit
chemical, between the eyes/ mandibles
audible/ stimulated/ death-feign
sun/ in the twilight/ being black
predator/ striking longhorn/ deterrent
dark/ depths/ suddenly/ biting rain/ exile

white horse/ exile/ ships, cargo net
casket cleared the sea wall
wiry painful warning, climax
shoulders for burial/ detachment
isolation quickened/ infection
headless missionaries/ dropped from the trees
laborers ascended/ anointed with oil
ships evidence/ flesh of a whale
bloody platform/ nausea/ disinfectant
handcuffs and stigma of storms/ leather masks
symptoms/leprosy/ pieces of the head/ historian
a genealogy of every departure
breaths/ deaths/ caregivers
cinder black neighborhoods
crowded atop open wells
hallways poured square
like a spine, several winter age
remains separated, slowly moving
concerning beauty, ill effect
corrupted/ the intensity of the habit
every species slaughtering monstrous views

the violence of Job acquiring leviathans/ publishing cycles
insects of sulfur tents, talks of the inanimate/ orbital Pangaea
reptiles spitting hydrochloric acid, a disheveled placid flood
ferocity/ presence/ pictures underdeveloped
of a carcinogenic haze, exposed synthetics
such deaths isolation the secret ingredient
covers until cycles revert, imprisoned ecology

- Chris Mansel

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