Friday, June 10, 2005


A Random Death & Resurrection by Chris Mansel

The body of Jack Random is being exhumed for the second time in this exhaustive trial, a trial that began with the demise of Jack Random after he experienced the ?sickness? of righteousness in the Bush namesake. Jack Random started supporting the war in Iraq and began soliciting his friends for donations to elect Bill Frist, the scourge of Tennessee.

Jack Random was done away with in the simplest of ways and it is that vivid night that brings the jury to this desert known as the Joshua Tree monument. First the body was exhumed to see if the body was in fact located in the grave. The second was for the carbon dating to exact the time of death in concert with the phase of the moon. Both times the body was unearthed the corpse of Jack Random had managed to roll him self over and hide his face in shame.

Upon the exhumation of the body of Jack Random it was found that Jack Random had obviously been forgiven by his demons and reassumed his life's work known as the Jazz Chronicles. Jack Random disappeared in the back of a red Cadillac being driven by a mysterious figure from Alabama known only as that guy who writes those reports. That night in the sunset several spectators swore they saw Gram Parsons strumming a guitar and smoking a joint the size of Texas.


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