Monday, January 16, 2017

JAKE'S WORD: The Accidental President

As always. Right on the mark.

While Democrats and some Republicans rant and rage and cannot seem to come to terms with reality (nothing new there), the rest of the U.S. has accepted the outcome of the election and tries to find some reason to be optimistic.

We tell ourselves that he has thrown the stagnant and unresponsive political establishment into disarray. Can this be a bad thing?

We hope that Trump’s narcissism will at least occasionally intersect with the interests of the American people.

But it is indeed a crapshoot. We will see. But we will have to see it, if we are to see it clearly, outside the domain of the media establishment that created this monstrosity.

The facts will be there plain enough - in the policies, in the executive actions, in the appointments.

Perhaps the two parties will reconstruct themselves into actual representatives of the the people and sponsor candidates for the presidency in four years that are both qualified and connected to our concerns.

Considering the abject blindness that has given us the accidental president, all of this may be wishful thinking.

Very soon we shall see where this strange and impulsive experiment leads.

Thank you for your words, your wisdom and your concern. You are a true citizen.


I thank you for your analysis. It appears neither of us have a great deal of confidence in the coming presidency. They say god works in mysterious ways; maybe random fluctuations in the political sphere will in the end produce some benefit to humankind. We can never know. I suspect the president-elect won't last too long. The game is afoot and the stench of betrayal surrounds this pretender. My hypothesis is the Russians had the goods on FBI Director Comey. My hope is it all comes to light. I suspect that Putin was the player in this drama and Trump was merely a piece on the board -- albeit a King....