Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prayers for Beatlick Joe

[Editor Note: Those of you who have from time to time checked the contents of this web log are familiar with the adventures of the Beatlicks (Joe Speer & Pamela Hirst). Along with my friend wZ they are artists of the first order (art for art's sake) and members of a vanishing tribe: The Troubadours. I recently learned (see below) that on their latest adventure Beatlick Joe was diagnosed with cancer. At last word they were in Texas on their way back to New Mexico from Florida. Our prayers go out to them both. They are one of a kind. I will always remember my days in Nashville where the Beatlicks were King and Queen of the poetry scene. It was my pleasure to stand beside him in a recorded production of my radio play: Darc Underground. Joe would begin his usual readings with "Page#..." from his work in progress. What followed was a day in the life, an anecdote, or a recounting of literature and history, and was always compelling. In my various encounters with him, I would always ask him if he finished the book, perhaps knowing that he had no intention of doing so. Now, as the sunset may be nearing, it may be time to finish it up and post it as a legacy to a singular life worth living. A blessing on you both. You will have a lasting place in the hearts, minds and souls of all you have touched. Peace.]

From: Pamela Hirst
Subject: Pray for Beatlick Joe
Date: Nov 19, 2010 3:47 PM

As most of you know Beatlick Joe and I have been traveling cross country visiting old haunts. He has been having some indistinct pains on his left side and when his leg swelled up alarmingly this morning I took him to an emergency room in Panama City, or near there.

Joe has deep vein thrombosis, blood clots in his lungs and legs, and lesions on his liver. He also has a mass on his pancreas about half the size of my thumb. He was hospitalized and will be given blood thinners in the morning. We will see a cancer specialist on Monday.

Joe has insurance in New Mexico. We have to get back as quickly as possible but Joe will not be able to sit for long stretches at a time so it will take some time. I will be injecting him with blood thinners once a day.

He does have insurance in New Mexico, thank god.

We will have to find some kind of affordable housing in Las Cruces. We have to find a cancer doctor to decide whether to cut out the growth on his pancreas or use radiation. I have asked his doctor in Las Cruces to recommend a cancer doctor, I think they are called oncologists.

In Las Cruces we will have to find a cancer doctor who will decide whether to treat the mass in his pancreas with radiation or surgery.

If you know others who have gone through this, hopefully successfully, please let me know, suggest some websites for me.

Pray pray

Beatlick Pamela

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