Saturday, June 12, 2010

RE: Gulf: "We are all guilty"

[Note: Jimmi wZ is a resident of northern Florida, Gulf side. I asked him for his thoughts...]

Its a travesty.

All profit oriented, even the clean up process is ruled by the dollar. People are not even allowed to talk about it in certain communities because of the fear it bring to the tourist.

I heard that they could have stopped the thing at the start except they were afraid of losing the billion plus they spent on drilling the thing. I go to the beach three or four times a day thanking and offering apologies to the mother earth that we have abused.

We are getting what we deserve. Myself amongst all others for being so gutless to not fight for alternative ways of transport. Even now I am preparing to drive my mother across the country in a gas guzzling Motorhome... We are all guilty.

I truly hope that this is the wake up call to america and the rest of the world. It has to be terrible beyond means to make us wake up. The planet is screaming at us ... spewing her blood in to our life giving gulf. How else could she react?

Meanwhile they pour zillions of gallons of chemicals in to cover their tracks and try to hide the problem. Its going to get really bad down here.

It hasnt quite reached my shores yet... though it is only a matter of time.

Each little tiny creature will be effected. I caught whiff of some of the fumes a week ago. Burnt my eyes and closed up my throat. That was from a random cloud that snuck its way in on a windy night.

I heard that the ruskies used nukes to close up wells before... the oil industry is still more worried about profits then saving the gulf.


some thoughts

we are all desperate and angry down here... with little that we can do except complain and talk.

thanks for asking


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