Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mansel: Smoke Over The Mountains of Santa Cruz


wildfires burning stretching from tree to tree
horrors in ashy decay, dark paths coming soon
birds flying away, fireman dug in backs against the sea
california and the mountains of santa cruz

c-130's passing overhead, the pilots' home ablaze
possessions held overhead over highway smoke
cameramen focus on the children running away
scavengers move across police lines that broke

authorities say make way for the politician's motorcade
they've brought a six pack of bottled water and sincerity
not since the boys in the backroom and promises made
have the politics been so cut dry and full of clarity


lives are in danger but in other news
no injuries reported from sky views
There's smoke over the mountains of Santa Cruz
There's smoke over the mountains of Santa Cruz

- Chris (

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