Monday, December 01, 2008

Word of the Wz: On India

[Editor's Note: Jim Wz has traveled recently in India. Here are his thoughts on the recent events in Mumbai.]

on India.... though I have my head in the sand and ignore almost all media...I catch snippets from Newspaper headlines (even if I don't read the articles) and sounds from conversations or radio/tv news that penetrate into my wandering space. My first instinct was a desire to go over there right where it occurred and put good energy into the confusion. Upon hearing of those who passed that were on a spiritual hat goes off to them in congratulations on how they ended their book on this planet.

As far as why and who.... my gut feeling is that it goes deep... much deeper then a small group or individual... more like a punishment from somebody the leaders were playing cards with who wanted to knock the table over and win the game in a tantrum instead of using reason to work something out. The effect that acts such as these have on an economy is tremendous and takes decades to recover from... A whole country has to suffer because of an act that swallows up headlines on a worldwide scale. Too easy...and terrible...childish, low spirit and cheap shot. And when all else fails to reason...follow the almighty dollar....the answer will lie somewhere in the zeros.

Jim wZ

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