Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In the interest of justice, human rights and democracy, in order to fulfill the greater promise of our founding, recognizing that our intention should not be to dominate the world but rather to improve the welfare of humankind, we propose the following principles of foreign policy.

I. This nation will not engage in interventions that support non-democratic governments or those that violate the inalienable rights of its citizens.

II. This nation will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent, inhibit or halt genocide and other crimes against humanity.

III. This nation will not act as the police force of the world but work in concert with other nations with respect to international law.

IV. This nation will take appropriate measures, including debt relief and forgiveness, to reduce and eliminate third-world debt. We will no longer sponsor or support the policies of exploitation by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. IMF loans will be based on humanitarian concerns without regard to economic policies.

V. This nation will not sacrifice the lives of soldiers or civilians for economic or strategic gains.

VI. This nation will practice a policy of restraint with regard to civil wars and civil conflicts.

VII. The United States will actively engage in diplomacy and negotiations to resolve international conflicts that threaten regional stability in the Middle East and elsewhere.

VIII. The United States will support the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and other international institutions as the appropriate venue for resolving international disputes.

IX. This nation will recognize its leadership responsibility with regard to the global problems of hunger, poverty, disease, human rights, water shortage, disaster relief and climate change.

X. The intelligence agencies of the United States will cease all covert operations not in compliance with these principles and will report all operations to congress and the American people within two years.

[Adapted from The Jazzman Chronicles, Volume One by Jack Random. Crow Dog Press 2003.]

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