Monday, May 05, 2008

Obama on Trade: In His Own Words

Indiana May 3, 2008:

I happen to believe in free trade. But we do the cause of trade no favors when we pass agreements that are filled with perks for every special interest under the sun and absolutely no protections for American workers. There’s absolutely no reason we should be giving tax breaks to corporations who ship jobs overseas. When I’m President, I will eliminate those tax breaks and give them to companies who create good jobs right here in America. We can also create jobs if we finally get serious about rebuilding our crumbling and decaying national infrastructure.

Ohio Debate 2/26/08:

As President of the United States I intend to make certain that every trade agreement that we sign has the labor standards, environmental standards and the safety standards that are going to protect not just workers but also consumers.

[Note: Many of us must decide who we can trust on the issues that matter most. One of those issues is trade. As citizens it is our responsibility to hold candidates accountable for their promises.]

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