Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Jack: Is it Just Me?

Is it just me or was the spin around the last debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton a decisive loss for George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson – the operative and the statue?

Is it just me or when Hillary kept looking at the rafters, did you think she was looking for snipers?

We have heard a lot about the Reverend Wright and the alleged elitism of Obama (Hillary Rodham Clinton playing the elitism card!) but very little about Hillary’s gaffes. The sniper fire story was flat out theater of the absurd but if you were in Ireland when Hillary claimed a substantive role in bringing the peace, you would know that gaffe was far more egregious.

It was not an associate who made these outrageous claims. It was Hillary. If Obama had made them, the race would be over.

Is it just me or does Bill Clinton’s southern drawl (is Arkansas really a southern state?) sound more and more like a used car salesman?

I lived in Nashville for five years. They don’t drawl like Bill Clinton.

I am disappointed in both Democrats for waffling on Fair Trade but Hillary’s waffling on the Iraq-Iran war is downright scary.

Is it just me or would Hillary Clinton have chosen John McCain as her running mate?


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