Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Before we leave the subject of race versus gender in presidential politics, consider this: On the world stage, there have been numerous women elected and appointed heads of state, including the current presidents or prime ministers of Ireland, Germany, Finland, the Philippines, Switzerland, Chile, Liberia, India and Argentina.

To my knowledge, there is not and has never been an elected or appointed head of state of African descent in any non-African nation.

Gloria Steinem may consider gender the greater obstacle but world history would suggest otherwise.

Like universal non-profit health care, electing a woman president of the United States of America would secure a place in the growing community of enlightened nations but electing an African American would be entirely new ground.

Electing a woman would be catching up to the rest of the democratic world. By electing an African American, the rest of the world would have to catch up to us.


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