Friday, December 14, 2007

Mind of Mansel: Backstage at the Book of Revelation

Spill blood on the Old Testament and it will come to life and illustrate the room. Throw it off the roof of any building in Washington D. C. and the separation of church and state will scream all the way down, the ghost of Jerry Falwell, his bloated corpse screeching and setting off car alarms all the way to Maryland parking lots.

Moses came to life in a classic ink drawing in the Supreme Court decision room the last time they tried to overturn Roe V Wade. Moses kept spitting out about his love for animals two at a time at such a high decibel that they gave up and set the right to lifers loose in the offices of junior congressman with the scent of blood wavering out of locked grins.

Airport runways are to modern politics what bathroom floors were to the ancient Romans. Exiting an airplane in the arms of staffers but knowing that that young boy or girl or lady of the evening is waiting in the limo or hotel room makes it easy to smile for the cameras when you are dangerously close in the polls. The angelic touch of the latest Cause, the latest bumper sticker colored ribbon or button, lapel pin celeb backed luncheon will press any flesh for any non-contribution giving voting or non-voting public if the little known Political rider is honored. They first came to the mind of the public through demands of rock stars or greedy performers but it’s not known that politicians have been demanding their sordid desires for years.

The most legendary rider of any politician was that of Mayor Daley of Chicago. He demanded that every time he traveled for an appearance after the violence of the convention that there be in his room four shabbily dressed young people stripped naked and chained in the shower of his hotel room and two angry Black Panthers to beat them senseless while dressed as F.B.I. informants. Also he wanted the entire room to be perfumed with the sickening smell of Mace. Daley who had built up a love for the smell could only execute his darker sexual desires while witnessing violence.

- Chris Mansel

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