Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jake's Word RE: Bloomberg

[a response to the Jazzman Chronicle "Bloomberg: Wrong Man, Right Idea"]

Absolutely, literally, on the money!

The nation-state is dissolving and being replaced by corporate feudalism. This is pretty much the future that Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, and William Burroughs envisioned. At the time they wrote it seemed dystopic, dark, but still romantic fiction - a possible future. Turns out they were prophets with stunning accuracy. The solutions they suggested were not democratic, but anarchic. I am hoping that there is still a chance for democratic change, but that would require that the populace awake from the deep video dream.  Only great discomfort on a massive scale would wake them. The feudal lords aren't likely to allow that to happen. That volume of Emma Goldman on my shelf looks increasingly attractive.

Rave on,

(Jake Berry is the author of Brambu Drezi and other works of contemporary genius)

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