Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jefferson in Hell by Jake Berry

We have seen the process heaving.
He can’t suffer it again,
another cold alabaster mannequin
& trailed in gray debris.

Trapped inside her petticoats
Venus sneezes, barks and wheezes.

Who’d believe if she confessed
a low rebellion in Storyville.
The fishmonger sold his grave
to Marie Laveau
who rolled the dice to thieve
him grace.
The feast of crescent
deadlight Ramadan –
16 chaingang
republicans bleached
in Plato’s toilet
if you can bear the newsprint stench.

Come down to mama
Come down to mama
Come on down to your bone sad mama
and drink the good Lord’s tit.

Jake Berry 10.5.06 7:40 am

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