Monday, December 19, 2005

Four Kids from Nowhere

(Heroes and Enemies in War)

Four kids from an all American town
rusting from a global disease
afflicting only the working class
sign up for the National Guard
four tickets to a college education

Four months later they land in Iraq
fighting a global war
for reasons they will never understand
beyond the pledge of allegiance

Four friends who played football and baseball
and hung out after the final score
talking the talk and building friendships
that would last a lifetime

Four months later a lifetime ends for
one of four and nobody asks: What for?
for duty honor freedom democracy
for babies mothers and summer morns

Four kids from an all American town
a world apart yet together in war
with four from Mosul Baghdad Ramadi
who played soccer and hung out after the score

There are no enemies in Iraq
There are only victims
Heroes if you prefer but victims
just the same.

[See Dissident Voice for Jack Random’s “The Imperial President & The NSA Spying Scandal.]

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