Monday, August 08, 2005

Mike's Morality Rant

From the Heart of Michael D. Caine:

Do George Bush and his merry band of conservatives really think that we are safer now than we were before the invasion of Iraq? Is it really possible that they are that blinded by their own stupidity? Does their religious belief in their righteousness really fool themselves?

There were suicide bombers before the Iraq invasion, but were there as many? There was suffering in Iraq, but was there as much? There was hatred for America before Iraqi “Freedom” but did it reach the level we see now?

The Conservative Republicans are spreading a delusionary virus that is killing our democracy at home and our youth in an Arab Nation that never attacked the United States nor was even a threat to do so. Lead by Bush these religious ideologues blatantly scraped the moral high ground right off into the swamp and created a quagmire they can’t seem to understand is too deep to slog through and too wide to bridge especially when the timbers used are our children.

Can the conservatives not see that even religious wars won have their costs, and that some wars aren’t worth it? In Iraq what is worth the cost? They can talk democracy all they want, we wouldn’t be there if Iraq had the same amount of oil as Sudan.

When I hear George Bush pleading for us to back his war because his intentions all along have been to bring Democracy to the Iraqi people, I want to puke. Are the Conservative Republicans really that dumb? Are their memories really that short? Have they truly forgotten that we went there to root out the Weapons of Mass Destruction and the terrorist training camps (that weren’t there in truth until after our invasion)?

The flag bearing, end justifying, super patriotic religious right has kidnapped our nation and is holding us at bay with a knife to the throat of our children, and when those of us that see it say “drop the knife” we are labeled “Traitors”.

The Moral Majority lacks the courage to think and the morality to tell the truth and every one of them is a Conservative Republican. They use a book, a good book, to judge others and hide behind. Lacking the ability to defend their actions they hold up their shields of “belief” as if to believe is to know the truth when their truth lies only in the I of the beholder.

We don’t need the separation of church and state, only the thoughtful, moral use of both.

[Editors Note: I believe the moral majority is now the 62% of the people who no longer support the war. Bring our soldiers home now!]

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