Monday, July 11, 2005

Even The Dead Stand On End At The End Of The Day

Lock and load fellow citizens and let him have it with paint guns filled with the same hate he has spewed at so many others.
- Chris Mansel

Karl Rove sits in front of several television sets taking notes on the coverage of the attack on Fallujah. He counts how many times each network mentions the number of dead, the number wounded. Like a ghastly documentarian he organizes the numbers and leaks stories to the press in ways that will change the story of Iraq so subtlety that it would take constant attention to each newscast to tell the difference. Staffers come and go and bring fresh wine coolers for Rove to swill down and laugh a menacing uncontrollable laughter.

Karl Rove (on the phone): Yea, the latest report is that the citizens of Iraq are offering meals to the soldiers as they enter their homes. Many of the wounded Iraqi soldiers are asking about the prize on Saddam?s head.

A Reporter from the Fox Network: Ok, we?ll get it on the air. Any news on any changes in the cabinet yet?

Karl Rove: I should know something in about two weeks tops.

A Reporter from the Fox Network: Is there any word on the massacres in the Sudan?

With that comment the line goes dead.

- Chris Mansel

[See the Mansel Report:]

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