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The 6th Annual Oglala Commemoration Event set to begin on June 26, 2005 at the Jumping Bull Property south of Oglala South Dakota marks the 30th anniversary of the Incident at Oglala. The event is free to the public, and begins at Noon (MST).

"It's a time for healing and prayers to remember those warriors who lost their freedom and their lives during the Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge. Hopefully the healing emphasis will prevent another bloody civil war from happening again on the sacred land of the Lakota Nation," said Event coordinator Robert Quiver Jr. Quiver, a student at Oglala Lakota College, is co-founder of the Lakota Student Alliance, a grassroots group on Pine Ridge Reservation. The Lakota Student Alliance and Oglala Commemoration Committee jointly sponsor the event to honor and remember the lives lost during the 1970s civil conflict on the reservation and to also raise awareness toward the unjust imprisonment of AIM member Leonard Peltier, currently jailed in Leavenworth Kansas. Peltier's imprisonment resulted from a shooting Incident between AIM members and Federal Agents at the Jumping Bull property which was precipitated by numerous unjust deaths of AIM supporters during a tumultuous 1970s Civil War on Pine Ridge Reservation known as the "Reign of Terror."

"Leonard Peltier needs to be set free," said Commemoration Committee member Rosalyn Jumping Bull of Oglala. Rosalyn remembers the year the FBI ransacked and shot at her elder mothers home following the deaths of two FBI agents. It's those kind of days that Rosalyn does not wish upon the future generations of Lakota people who will be living on the reservation.

Annually, normal activities scheduled for this event include a traditional Lakota ceremonial prayer service near the gravesites of AIM members Jun Little and Joe Stuntz (Little Family cemetary). A memorial walk for justice follows from the gravesites to the Jumping Bull Property. This is followed by a special memorial and giveaway for deceased relatives, coordinated by the Jumping Bull Family. Finally, a concert for youth awareness is held, concluding this special day. Speakers for the 2004 event include important figures that played a vital role in the justice movement for Peltier's freedom. They include: Vernon Bellecourt, principle spokesperson for American Indian Movement; Rosalyn Jumping Bull of Oglala; Harvey Arden, an Author and Advocate for Peltier's release; Members of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee; Members of Leonard Peltier's Legal Team, and International Guests as well. Special Entertainment Performances from: Lakota Hoopdancer Clem Holy Eagle, Nammy Award Winner Wayquay, Oglala Hiphop artists Native Era, Muscogee Hiphop artist Julian B., Spyderzback, Pop Rocker Darren Geffre and more to be announced. Oglala Commemoration Committee members Wayquay (2000 Native American Music Award Winner), and Andy Mader will co-emcee this year's event. We invite the public to this free event. For more information on this event you can visit the website at

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