Saturday, April 02, 2005


It is the season of death and dying, death and dying,
death and dying…

The sun breaks through clouds of gloom
reminding us that we live on in grief and mourning,
through tears of sorrow, we live on in tribute and
in servitude to those who walked before,
whose gentle words and genteel manner
will comfort us no more.

What is sacred but that we most fear?

Nature is sacred as she wreaks havoc unmoved
by cries for mercy, immutable & Holy

God by any name, Almighty forces brought to bear
the more so by the myth of prayer
(and I believe in prayer)

Love, perhaps the greatest fear, trading places
in light and dark, lightning strikes and fills
the heart with horror…

Towers in the mind’s eye, symbols of the Great Terror
(the Phoenix) from dust to sacred art…

Life and its eternal foil
shuffling off this mortal coil
journeys to the endless night &
humankind’s most sacred fright

Goodnight, sweet Prince, &
flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.

-- Random 4/2/05.

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