Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Robber Barons Revisited

By John Griffin
[Submitted by Anna Pages]

Although I'm a military veteran and patriotic to a degree, the Bush Administration has proven to be thugs, robbing the American Middle Class of everything they've worked for by looking the other way while jobs are exported to such places as Mexico, India, China, and South Korea by the millions while basic customer services have been for the most part turned over to elevator musicians and recorded voices. John Quarterman, Bonnie Cole, Sherry Love & I saw it coming, Republican money machine in disguise as a Christian coalition running roughshod over anyone & anything in their path to controlling wealth and international power. Now the good ole boy middle of the road folks who once had "schoolgirl crushes" on the Bush Administration are finally catching on that there's trouble in paradise and beyond. I'm not sure when a new American Revolution begins, but as a "health caring" deficit-laden nation, we're up to our ass in alligators, nearly bankrupt, and environmentally cattywhompas. All legislation to improve the status quo has been bought by priveleged investors betting on hedge fund appropriations.

Perhaps the next generation will be miracle workers.
(Either that or temporary workers in trailer parks.)

I'm just hoping Jesus will hurry on back and
straighten out this big mess of a world we're in.

Still counting money in Alphaville while it lasts.

- - - John G.
Corporate Road Warrior

When in doubt just take a look
at very real and valid statistics:

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