Saturday, February 19, 2005


In Response to the essay: Infant Nation
By Thomas Miller

“From an historical perspective it is undeniable: In the great expanse of recorded time, America is but an infant nation. Given this simple and unquestionable observation our behavior in the world suddenly comes into focus. As an infant nation our behavior is as predictable as the salivation of Pavlov’s dogs.”

From the essay, Infant Nation, The Jazzman Chronicles, Vol. II: The War Chronicles.

I strongly believe the human race is intrinsically lazy, greedy, and shortsighted: The characteristics I fight more consciously everyday.

At the beginning of recorded time on earth, we needed to have these attributes to survive: Survival of the fittest.

Our leaders want us to believe we have evolved to a more humane level but it is not true. Even though we are loving beings at heart these fact still hold true.

Understanding our complex world is a difficult task. It is easy to believe what the machine is selling.

Now that the media is controlled by the same machine, the wealthy elite, it is even harder to find truth.

I am sorry; I do not think Americans are ready to see the truth. The majority is not personally suffering enough.

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